Summary Sunday #2

Good Morning!  Well, it's morning where I am.  For you folks in the eastern time zone or parts of the world, I hope it is good where you are too.

Today is Sunday and that means this is volume 2 of our Summary Sunday blog.  Throughout BCT we are going to provide you with a summary blog that will feature videos from throughout the week and give you bit of a recap of the things that your Basics have done up to this point as well as to give you some insight about what the next week will entail for your Basics.

Just a reminder, even though our photographers may be out catching action today, any pictures taken on Sunday will always be posted the following day.  This gives our hard working photo editors a day off. 

I would like to begin with announcing the winner of our Facebook caption contest.  You certainly are a creative group.  After careful consideration from our blue ribbon panel (consisting mostly of me) here are the winning captions. 

                                            "JUST. LET. ME. DIE!!!  -  by Julie Benson 


                          "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley!" -  by Don Carlson


  "I am in a hammock between two palm trees on a tropical beach with a soft breeze and gentle sunshine.
   Lunch will be lobster and chocolate cake, and then I will sleep for eight hours straight..."  - by Melissa Pearce


And last, but not least, my personal favorite.  I actually laughed out loud over this one...

                                             "Do these come in grey?"   by Rene Sellers


Thanks to all for playing along.  I have a feeling we will do this again before the end of BCT.   Now to the summary of the week...

So, Monday was the first day of intramurals.  We didn't get much video that day, but here is a clip of some Flying Tigers playing team handball vs some Hellcats.  I am betting that most of them have never played that game, but they look like they know what they are doing.



Monday was mostly academic testing.  You will have to use your imagination for that since no photos or coverage was allowed.  Tuesday was Independence Day!  More intramurals in the morning and yes, they did a get a respite from training in the evening to celebrate the holiday.  Photos below are courtesy of  KAFA.  Here is a link to their Flickr account if you want to see more.  KAFA 4th of July



Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday were a bit of "Groundhog Days"  Every squadron cycled through the same stops over the three days including the dental clinic, tailorshop, ID card issue, security clearances, finance, and also their first lessons on Living Honorable in the Profession of Arms.   In between they got to take their first PFT.  Here are a few videos of all the action.






Yesterday were more intramurals.  Hopefully you were able to find your cadet.

Here is a cool video showing class spirt (even if I couldn't completely understand what they were chanting, lol.



That brings us up to today.  This is officially the first day of WOT #2.  (I explained that acronym in an earlier email, so this is bit of a test)

Unfortunately much of the coming week will be a repeat of last week.  The basics are still cycling through the various somewhat mundane in-processing stops mentioned earlier.  We, of course know that they aren't mundane to you, especially if you haven't seen much of your own basic, so our photographers will be out in force.  

Photos from today (posted tomorrow) and Monday should give us the opportunity to cover every squadron up close.  More about that tomorrow.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that Tuesday will only have coverage of Cobras and Hellcats, and Wednesday will have zero photo coverage.  Most of both those days all the basics will be finishing up briefings and paperwork where no photo coverage is possible.  I am thinking up creative blogs for those days, so there will be something new here and you can use the time to take a computer break or catch up on your photo downloads.

There is more good news however.  Next Friday is FIELD DAY!!!  Can you believe it?  We will have lots of coverage and video.  More about that later in the week.

Ok.  That's it for now.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Check back here later this evening.  I may have some preview photos of what you'll see tomorrow. 


The cycle of continues.  Candidates for the Class of 2022 and their parents from Southern California attended an admissions workshop at Los Angeles Air Force Base yesterday.  Next year when your cadets are soaring and jumping out of airplaces, some of these families will be sitting right where you are.  By then you will be old pros at this.   :-)