Big Bad Basic



As some of you might know, there is a pugil stick competition as part of the Assault Course. Each squadron competes against each other to determine the “top” Basics in their squadron to represent them during Big Bad Basic. There is a top female, light weight male, and heavy weight male. After all squadrons have completed the Assault Course, they will all have their winners that they will send to compete in Big Bad Basic. For the first rounds and semifinals, the basics must score two points on their opponent. For the finals, the basic must score three points. Today the winners are….

Female – Cadet Indyk from Executioners

Male Light Weight- Cadet Kersten from Demons

Male Heavy Weight – Cadet White from Cobras

Today’s photos from Big Bad Basic will be in its own separate folder titled "Big Bad Basic". Go to Classes> 2023> Big Bad Basic. Or click the link below.

Big Bad Basic