Airmanship Demo

During BCT-2 the basics received a preview of all the USAFA airmanship programs offered at the Airfield. You’ll see a lot of photos like the one below:

They got to see demonstrations from Jump, Soaring, and Powered Flight.

Jump is the only program in the entire world where the first jump is an unassisted freefall. Because of this unique difference all students, cadet or staff who go through this program will have roughly 40 hours of ground training before their first jump.


The Cadets who complete the Soaring program and get their wings are the Air Force's youngest instructor pilots. 


Powered Flight is a capstone course that serves as a culmination of a cadet’s aviation education.

After the demonstration the basics had a chance to ask the cadets in the Wings of Blue questions about their jump program.


All of these programs are available to them as cadets and we will be covering your cadets in all of them starting next summer. The photos will be in Classes > 2023 > BCT-2 > All or click the link below.

Airmanship Demo