December Friday Night Fights

This past Friday the Academy had it's Friday Night Fight Bouts for the month of December. Each month Cadets on the Men's and Women's Boxing Teams will match up against each other.

There were a total of 4 Bouts between the Red and Blue Team.

Bout 1: In the Red Corner Joseph Asenuga and in the Blue Corner Austin Dreyer.



The Winner of Bout 1: Red Corner Joseph Asenuga.

Bout 2: In the Red Corner Levi Rate and in the Blue Corner Devon Smith.



The Winner of Bout 2: Blue Corner Devon Smith.

Bout 3: In the Red Corner Sean Chieves and in the Blue Corner Josh Turner.



The Winner of Bout 3: Blue Corner Josh Turner.

Bout 4: In the Red Corner Neptaly Trujillo and in the Blue Corner Cenada Clifton Smith.



The Winner of Bout 4: Blue Corner Cenada Clifton Smith.


Bout #

Red Corner


Blue Corner


Joseph Asenuga


Austin Dreyer


Levi Rate


Devon Smith


Sean Chieves


Josh Turner


Neptaly Trujillo


Cenada Clifton Smith

Great job to both teams!

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December Friday Night Fights