In-Processing Day 2022 - Part 1

In-Processing Day (I-Day) took place today. I-Day got off to an early start at 7 AM. The weather was bright and sunny all day with a high of 84 degrees. 

The day began with drop-off at the Holaday Athletic Center (HAC). Appointees were dropped off by their families and gave their goodbyes. Appointees then arrived at the HAC for medical tests. For privacy reasons, WebGuy did not cover those events.  

The appointees then headed to the East Gym where the Cadet Oath of Allegiance was given. The Oath taken today is the binding oath stating they have committed to the Air Force Academy.

Prior to the Oath, Superintendent General Richard M. Clark, Commandant of Cadets Brigadier General Paul D. Moga, Dean of Faculty Brigadier General Linell A. Letendre, and Director of Athletics Mr. Nathan Pine gave speeches. General Moga did the oath with each appointee. 

Part 1 of I-Day features photos of drop-off and the Oath Ceremony.

Drop off photos are divided by photographer. There were 2 photographers at drop off. Be sure to check both galleries. If you see your son or daughter in one photographer's gallery, there is a chance they will also be in another photographer's gallery. 

For the next few days, WebGuy will continue to post the rest of the photos from I-Day. 



Go to CLASSES > 2026 > In-Processing. Set your sort order from OLDEST to NEWEST.

Drop-off photos for the first photographer begin on page 19.

Drop-off photos for the second photographer begin on page 74.

Oath Ceremony photos begin on 121. 

You can also click the links below to access photos:

Drop Off - Photographer 1

Drop Off - Photographer 2

Oath Ceremony Photos