Getting The Blues

Sorry for the late blog.  I'm watching the All Star Game while I write this.  I had the afternoon off today.  Good thing  too, because I was in severe need of doing laundry.  Down to my last pair of chones.  :-)  Speaking of clothing, the Basics are starting to get issued their blue service uniforms.  With Doolie Day Out coming up in about 10 days, it's time to get them outfitted. 


While some of the Guts were getting that done, the Executioners were getting our building tour today.


All the tours are finished now, which was our golden opportunity to get entire squadrons at one time.  Never fear though, Field Day is coming soon and that will be the next great opportunity for those smiles.  I can tell from  your emails and Facebooks posts that you are beginning to get how this all works.  Thanks for your step of faith in believing that we will eventually get that smile to reassure you.   That being said, this is still basic training and it's serious, so expect to see more focus.  That's as it should be. 

The Basics are getting ready to take their first USAFA PFT (Physical Fitness Test).  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you how all that will work.

Till then...  It's back to watching the end of the All Star Game for me.   Yes, the American League is going to win again.  Wooo Hoooo!