What's Up Next?

All right WebFolks, how about we take a (vague) sneak peek at what's happening for the rest of this week - 

Tomorrow is the exciting Big Bad Basic competition! As we mentioned earlier, at the beginning of each squadron's second time at the Assault Course, Basics compete in pugil stick competitions to find the top male and female Basic in each squadron. Tomorrow, the top Basics from all squadrons will face off against each other in another pugil stick competition to find the overall top male and female Basics in the Class of 2019.  It's always a great event and a ton of fun to watch! 

Then on Thursday, I'm sorry to say there will be no photos of BCT. There is an event occurring that day in Jacks and no media is allowed in to cover it. Your WebTeam will be taking the day off from BCT and get some time to relax. I suggest you all do the same! You know the drill - take the day to reconnect with your family, pay attention to your other kids (or pets), go see some daylight, and enjoy the time off from the computer. 

On Friday we have the March Back from Jacks. Just like the March Out, families are allowed to come watch. However, also like the March Out, it will begin early (step-off at 0800), so getting there early before roads close may be difficult if you do not have a military ID.

Saturday will be the Commandant's Luncheon where 2nd BCT Awards are handed out, similar to the Luncheon which occurred at the end of BCT 1 after Field Day.

Then BCT is over with! WebGuy will not be taking any photos of the Class of 2019 on Sunday or Monday because these are transitionary days for them. They'll be moving into their Academic Year squadrons and getting prepped for classes to start soon.

Luckily, the WebTeam will be back on Tuesday to cover the ever-exciting Acceptance Day Parade. We are awaiting confirmation on details for the parade, but the general idea is that the parade will be in the morning, followed by pinning-on ceremonies where the cadets receive their shoulderboards, and then they can spend a couple hours with families and friends and relax.


So that's it! We're almost to the end here!