March Out to Jacks Valley #2

The Executioners, Flying Tigers, Guts and Hellcats started at the Terrazzo this morning and marched out to Jacks Valley(3,300-acre rural training area). The weather was nice but a little warm.



The Executioners, Flying Tigers, Guts and Hellcats at Jacks Valley. They will be starting their courses and field training tomorrow morning!


Since there really isn’t a split like there usually is between BCT-1 and BCT-2, we will be loading all pictures that take place in Jacks Valley into BCT-2 and everything that happens up on campus into BCT-1. So this week look for E,F,G,H squads in BCT-2 and A,B,C,D squads in BCT-1.

Just like the last March Out, it's just the first day out in Jacks, there is a lot more to come so get ready to see your Basics really having a lot of fun out in the Field.  

To find these photos go to CLASSES > 2024 > BCT 2 > ALL or click below.