Graduation Parade, Class Crest and Commissioning Ceremonies!

Hey WebFamilies! Today the Cadet Wing participated in the Graduation Parade, the 2019 Cadets ran for their Class Crest which was placed on the Class Wall during the parade, and this afternoon each of the 40 Cadet Squadrons held their Commissioning Ceremonies for the 2018 Cadets!

Congratulations to all of the 2018 parents! We couldn't be more thrilled for you and your Cadets, who by this time tomorrow will be newly minted 2nd Lts in the United States Air Force.

Enjoy the highlights from today's events!

Graduation Parade

This morning started off with the Graduation Parade which was the last parade for the class of 2018. This parade is special as the Class of 2018 enters the parade field with the entire Cadet Wing then depart the lower three classes as a symbolic Change of Command ceremony, recognizing the Class of 2019 as the new Firsties and the class of 2018 as Officers in the USAF. The formation used by the Class of 2018, to leave the Cadet Wing, is the opposite of the formation they used to become apart of the Cadet Wing during their Acceptance Day Parade 4 Years Ago. 

After the parade concluded on the field the rest of the Cadet Wing returned to the Tzo. During the Graduation Parade the Class Crests were being switched, placing 2018's Class Crest to the left to show their departure from the Cadet Wing and putting 2019's Class Crest in it's place to show the new leaders of USAFA's Cadet Wing. As the Cadets marched past the Class Wall, the Cadets from the class of 2019 broke formation to run up to their newly placed Class Crest as celebration for becoming Firsties!












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Graduation Parade

To view the rest of our glimpse into the Class of 2019 running for their Class Crest go to; Classes - 2019 - Graduation Week. Or click the link below.

2019 Class Crest



This afternoon and into the evening, we were able to stop by several Commissioning Ceremonies. Please understand with the ceremonies that we were not there to capture each cadet experience as they were sworn in. Our presense was merely to give parents a glimse of Commissioning and to overall celebrate the Cadets from the class of 2018 becoming Officers after having been officially sworn into the United States Air Force.





To view the rest of our glimpse into the Commissioning Ceremonies go to; Classes - 2018 - Graduation Week. Or click the link below.

Commissioning Ceremonies