Doolie Day Preview

It's finally Friday! 

Let's talk about Doolie Day Out.  Doolie Day Out is TOMORROW!  We bet some of you thought it would never get here.  So did the families of these 2021 basics (below) last year at this time.  Tomorrow you will see the same smiles out of car windows from our photos of your basics. 


That being said, tomorrow is just another snapshot in time.  One of many to come.  Let's talk about expectations.  Our wish for you is that all of your phone calls will be happy ones, but that may not be the case for some of you.  Tomorrow will be the first time since I-Day that some of your kids may be able to let down their guard and the emotion may come pouring out.  Some may be just fine, and some may say they want to quit.  Some may be talkative and some may not be.  Some may call their boy or girlfriends before they call you.  Try not to take any of this personal if it happens to you.  Please resist the urge to fix things if your call isn't positive.   However you find them, let them find you upbeat, supportive, positive, and encouraging.   Also, if there is drama at home, leave it there.  Your Basic needs this day to regroup and get ready for Jacks Valley and the final push to complete BCT.    Help them do that.   We are almost there!  Jacks Valley is hard, but it is actually fun also.  They will be very proud of their accomplishment when they march back.   So that's our DDO advice from your WebGuy Team.  

We will have photographers out tomorrow morning early to catch all the sponsor pick-ups and we will be back tomorrow with the blog and a preview of the March-Out to Jacks Valley on Sunday.

We wish you all wonderful calls with your basics.  Enjoy every minute.