The Home Stretch

Happy Monday!

It has been quite the last two days in WebGuy Land!  I was beginning to despair that we wouldn't get everyone doing something in Jacks.  The desperate and plaintive Facebook posts and emails were coming in and starting to sound like the first week of BCT.  Sunday, we showed up at Jacks Valley and there was only one escort instead of two and we were told that they only planned to stay an hour.  I'm sure you can imagine our panic.  Well, thanks to kind cadets and quick thinking and flexible photographers, it all worked out.   We got every squadron doing something at Jacks between yesterday and today and some of them twice.  Our regular Jacks Valley Course coverage is now complete for this year.  The photos from today are going up as I write this.  Here's what the squadrons did today.

Aggressors: Assault Course
Barbarians: LRC & Profession of Arms Lecture
Cobras: Obstacle Course
Demons: CATM
Executioners: CBRNE
Flying Tigers: Obstacle Course
Guts: Assault Course
Hellcats: Confidence Course & LRC

Our coverage tomorrow is the Big Bad Basic Competition.  Rather than try to describe it, a video is worth a thousand words. (My, but I am just full of cliches today).  Here is a video from 2014 produced by USAFA PA.  We will have our own pictures and video from this year's competition tomorrow.

Tomorrow's blog entry will have March Out info and a preview of the the rest of the week.  Until then, enjoy all the photos from the last two days.