A Word From Webguy

Hello Families!

If you are new to the WebGuy site, WELCOME!  We're excited to have you! This is the beginning of what we hope will be a great ride together.   Obviously as you can see, this is just the next installment in an already ongoing series of blog entries, but if you are new to the site and to the Air Force Academy, we hope it will be one of the places you go for info and most importantly photos. 

The blog entries are free for everyone to read. The links to photo galleriess at the bottom of most blog entries will only be able to be viewed by those who have AOG memberships.  There is a free gallery with many photos that appear in the blogs, however.  Just click on the Galleries tab above to see the choices.

Here are some links we suggest you go to on this site that will help you! The first link will take you to our Frequently Asked Questions . This next link will explain how to use our advanced photo search feature. 

To provide you some history of the WebGuy program, here is a video from around 2012 featuring the original "WebGuy" and now AOG President and COO, Marty Marcolongo.  The WebGuy program is a lot bigger now and provides year round coverage of cadet programs and activities, but we are still true to our roots. (Note...  Our current WebGuy team really likes regional treats! )


As you can see from the  blog entry from yesterday, we have finally finished processing and uploading almost 20,000 photos from I-Day.  I am pretty sure that is a single day record.  Someone speculated that it was a conspiracy to keep you busy and  distracted as a way to deal the separation anxiety.  I will neither confirm or deny that.  :-)  While we know that may be a daunting task to look through so many photos to find your basic, please understand that it is impossible on days like this for us to find individuals or even separate squadrons.  We won't be able to do that this year until after the Restriction of Movement (ROM) period when they go out to Jacks Valley for field training.  We will then be able to sort the photos by squadron (not idividual flights).  

We were also informed today that much of the early training during the ROM period will be virtual, as the academy works through the risk-reward of in-person training.  We totally support the Academy's priority of keeping your basics healthy, so I expect our photo opportunities will be more limited in the next two weeks.  We will do our best to identify opportunities to photograph. What we know for certain, even from the run up to I-Day that circumstances can and will change.  Just trust that we will adjust.   All we ask is that you keep that in mind before you write to ask why we aren't doing something.  Also, I would like to state in advance, that we don't favor one squadron over another in our photo count.  Please don't keep score.  Over the last 17 years the coverage has always turned out pretty even in the end. 

Lastly, remember that each photo we take is just a "snapshot in time".  Try not to read too much into how they may look in any one photo as a clue to how they are doing.  We have had parents call the Academy in the past because their basic "Doesn't look happy".  This is military basic training.  They aren't going to look happy in the beginning.  Trust me you will get to see those smiling eyes at some point.

Please try to get in the habit of coming here first before you go right to the photos each day.   This blog is designed to provide the context for what you will see in the photos.  They go hand-in-hand.   We also post often to our WebGuy Facebook page at .  That is always a good place to check as a preview of what is going on here at this site.  We also do read your comments, (positive & negative).

Ok.  That's it for this morning.  Enjoy your photo hunt.  There's lots more to come!