Jump Ground Training

Jump ground training was being done this week for both 490 students (black helmets) and for those students who will become the next instructors for Jump (green and white helmets).  Airmanship 490 or AM-490 is a Basic Freefall Parachuting Program that the Academy offers thru the 98th Training Squadron.


Their training always starts with some basic calisthenics to get the body moving.


Training also includes a visualization exercise of their first jump.  The instructors talk them through what their first jump day is like, starting with their alarm going off.  Followed by the steps they go through leading up to the jump, then to the jump itself.  A large fan and leaf blower is used to simulate the wind and noise they will experience once they are up in the Twin Otter aircraft.


Then the harness training begins.  Here they go through the jump steps and possible emergency scenarios while they are being spun around, shaken and yelled at to distract them.  This is done to help each student learn how to think through the steps of the jump and handle a potential emergency in a chaotic environment.


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Jump Ground Training