Class of 2026 Exemplar Dinner

The Class of 2026 held their Exemplar Dinner on Sept. 14.

The class chose Medal of Honor recipient MSGT John Chapman as their exemplar. Chapman's relatives were invited to the dinner and they gifted the class challenge coins. The Class of 2026's legacy class, 1976, were also in attendance.



The Class of 1989 raised nearly $240,000 funds for the 1989 Endowment Fund in support of the Cadet Exemplar Program through the Air Force Academy Foundation in honor of their 30th reunion. The generosity of these graduates enables the annual Exemplar Dinner to come to life as it covers expenses related to guest speaker travel and lodging, a speaker honorarium, dinner programs, mementos for cadets, dinner decorations and display case memorabilia. Another example of how private support creates immediate and lasting impact for cadets and graduates alike.


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