March Back Information

Can you believe that March Back is happening tomorrow? It's like I Day was yesterday and here they finishing another milestone of BCT. This blog is a stand alone to the coverage one for today because we wanted to get the information out earlier for those that might be coming. 


Please be at the Field House by 0930 due to road closures.  If you were there for March Out it will be the same. Please park at the Field House and you can walk down to the road in front to cheer, have signs, once again no noisemakers. On March Back you have the opportunity to cheer on the over 200 graduates of all ages who are making the trek from Jacks back with the Class of 2027. 



Road Closures

Field House Drive: 1000-1115 

Parade Loop 1000-1115

There will be a lot of photos tomorrow and we will not be able to track by squadron and we will have a full team out. Photos will be in BCT 2 gallery only we'll let you know where and when they'll be up tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for this afternoons coverage blog.