Catch the Rainbow!

We're out covering the summer intramurals at BCT but...Did you know?
There are 15 intramural sports, including eight fall sports and seven spring sports. The fall sports include boxing, soccer, tennis, flickerball, and mountain biking, basketball, wallyball and flag football. The spring sports include soccer, rugby, softball, cross country, racquetball, team handball, and volleyball. When we can, we get out and cover those too during the academic year!

This year’s BCT Intramurals they are participating in handball, basketball, volleyball, flickerball, flag football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and softball. This time around we were able to get some IC pictures of swim, wrestling, water polo, men's/women's basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, boxing, lacrosse, cheer, baseball, football (walking back) and tennis.










But for now, here's a recap of today on the courts and fields as the basics prepare for the upcoming Field Day! To view today's intramural pictures go to, Classes > 2023 > BCT Intramurals.

BCT Intramurals