Recognition Dinner

Recognition ended last night with a celebratory dinner in Mitchell Hall.  The Class of 2025 got to turn the tables on the upperclassman and oversaw their squadron tables.  The mood was relaxed as the recognized cadets got to celebrate their big accomplishment.



Honor Officer Kelly Nugent discussed the new honor initiatives and how they are being emulated at USAM and USNA.  Class of 2025 President Caleb Kavanaugh announced the Class Exemplar, Col William F. “Psycho” Andrews. C1C Kayla Perez, Wing Commander, announced all their new privileges.  The host for the evening was Col. Clarence Clark.

 Check out the Prop and Wing pins on those uniforms!


This ends our coverage of this year’s Recognition; we would like to congratulate the Class of 2025 as they have been RECOGNIZED by their upperclassman.

Special thanks to the AOG Communications Department for sharing some bonus footage.  These photos can be found here, Recognition Bonus Photos

To view all of the photos from the Recognition Dinner, go to, GALLERIES > MILITARY TRAINING > RECOGNITION pg 149 as always set sort from OLDEST to NEWEST or click the link below.

Recognition Dinner