ESET June 17, 2015

Today WebHatter and I went back out to ESET to watch different groups as they moved through the different stations. We started out at the MONT village, where the cadets geared up to run another urban senario. In this senario, they had to find extra ammo, as they were running low, then they had to find and rescue a hostage. I was stationed on a tower with a bird's eye view of the action and it was pretty exciting, especially when they set off the smoke grenades! Both groups were able to make it to the van that held the extra ammo and then to where the hostage was, so they succeeded in their mission. 

I headed up to FOB from MONT while WebHatter went to Downed Aircraft. FOB (Forward Operating Base) is a debriefing senario. The cadets are put through different senarios during this time, then brought back to sleep, clean up, and get debriefed, much like they would in the real world. They get two debreifings, one where they tell the basic story of what happened and a second, longer debrief where they discussed in depth what they did and what they should have done. 

At Downed Aircraft the cadets had to evade the enemy and stop them from succeeding in an attack. 

I went to Helo after I was done at FOB, which was interesting. Helo is a downed, destroyed helicopter where they position "enemy" soldiers and a "wounded" airman. He hollers for help and the cadets must come up, disable the "enemy" and help the injured airman. They are then given a short debreif by their cadre before moving on. Downed aircraft and helo are both parts of the FOB, where they will get a longer debrief on what happened.  

Overall, it was a good day and we managed to get a lot of pictures! It was fun watching the cadets as they responded to different senarios and situations that were put in front of them. 

Look for the pictures coming up soon!!!