What do the belts mean? Plus Saturday Wrap Up!

We've heard a lot of you are asking about the belts. We answered this in the past but we'll say it again. It means there is some sort of physical limitation. The color doesn'i mean anything specific, it's just what was given to them. If you look you'll see a lot of belted basics participating in the Assault Course so it's not as bad as you might think!

Here's a few highlights of the day. We had some special guests out in Jacks participating on the courses from Cadre to Majors and if you look close a General!

Aggressors and Demons overcame obstacles (as of this blog posting their still being edited. Barbarians hit the gun range. Cobras got gassed. Executioners and Guts attacked the Assault Course. Flying Tigers built some confidence and Hellcats were somewhere we weren't. Have a great Saturday!