2022 Exemplar Dinner

The Class of 2022 honored General Daniel “Chappie” James Jr as the Class Exemplar.



 The Guest Speaker: Brig. General (Ret) Randolph Scott

Since the Class of 2000, each class has chosen someone who "exemplifies" the type of person the class wishes to emulate.

"The Cadet Exemplar Program is an avenue for each Academy class to honor and identify with deceased military officers, military-associated civilians, aerospace and aviation pioneers and leaders who have made extraordinary contributions to the development of American air and space power. The program is designed to link our nation's rich heritage with the class's boundless future. An Exemplar must have exhibited integrity and character in both their professional careers and their personal lives. As such, the heroes who are chosen epitomize the personal characteristics that each class of cadets seeks to emulate."

The goal of the Cadet Exemplar Program is to build officers with a strong foundation in our nation's and our military's heritage in order to advance into the future as a united aerospace force.



The Class of 2022 held their special event with 12 of their Legacy Class of 1972.

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2022 Exemplar Dinner