Holiday Travel

If you haven't planned for travel yet here are some things that might help your cadet in leaving the Academy and/or getting back for Christmas break!

Winter Break:
(17 Dec 16 - 2 Jan 17) The official release is 17 Dec 16 for Cadets. The cadets/cadet candidates will normally be able to leave anytime on the release date. That being said, you need to check with your cadet. If they take their last final on Wednesday, then they can leave after their final with Commander's permission (standard release is given). Your cadet can go into the (CAMIS) system and look up each of his or her classes (hopefully sometime in September) and see when their finals are. Cadets will not be allowed to move up finals for airline tickets. Also the return date for Cadets is 2 Jan 17 by 7:00 pm. Cadets should land in Denver no later than 3 hours prior to Academy check-in time at 7pm. No set time for Colorado Springs, but at least an hour is suggested.
Prep School:
Release date is 17 Dec 16 – 2 Jan 17 with a return by 7:00 pm.

Shuttle Rides to Airports:
For the main breaks from the Academy (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break) the 10th Force Support Squadron (10 FSS) Outdoor Recreation Office (719) 333-4602, has shuttle buses (for a cost) that will take the cadets and cadet candidates (Prep School) to Colorado Springs and Denver Airports. Please don’t wait to purchase shuttle bus tickets once Cadet Outdoor Recreation is accepting reservations. 10 FSS will start accepting reservations on 17 Oct 16. Please do not call and leave a message with airline information etc. before that date. Shuttle information from DIA to Colorado Springs:

(No 10th FSS support for Summer Break) These shuttles don’t normally come directly to USAFA, but to a hotel in Colorado Springs. No endorsement of the following shuttles is being given by USAFA, but provided by parent requests. It is for information only to get you started. Check the internet for more options.

Front Range Shuttle:
(Direct to airports)
(719) 237-2646

Colorado Springs Shuttle:
1- 877-587-3456, (719) 687-3456

TAXI information:
(For USAFA access before or after visiting hours) For your information the following taxis have already been approved access to the installation before or after duty hours. Your cadet can call them to get to the airport or local hotel to catch a shuttle to Denver airport during non-visiting hours.

Yellow Cab:
(719) 777-7777
Has approval access to the base. Other cab companies would have to have a driver that already has a military identification (retired military) to gain access the installation after visiting hours (0900 - 1700 hours every day)

Springs Cab:
(719) 444-8686