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Hello WebFans! Apologies for the rough night yesterday, sometimes our technology decides to work against us at the most inconvenient times. Our master IT guy stayed up all night working his magic on the website, and everything seems to be back up and running well now. We're already working on the remainder of yesterday's photos and those should be finished soon. We also have three more photographers out getting some photos of this afternoon, so those should be up later on. There won't be too many today, just because the Basics are doing surveys most of the day, but we'll try to get them around lunch time. Thanks for your patience during this!
One thing about this blog - while it is primarily directed towards covering BCT, you will occasionally see some blog posts talking about the Airfield, or ESET, or RPAs. These are all summer programs for the upperclassmen, and those photos are uploaded to this site as well. If you see these, they have nothing to do with BCT. However, if you want to look through those as well, it will give you a good idea of what your Basic will be doing in another year!