Welcome Back Banners

This week USAFA welcomed back the Cadet Wing.  The cadets started their return at the Indoor Track inside the Field House.  Here they were welcomed with special messages on banners and were tested once again for Covid 19.

The Banners were part of a Welcome Back initative from Strategic Communications (CM), 10th FSS, the Association of Graduates and the Air Force Academy Foundation. Parents, Parents Clubs, Chapters and more sent banners in over the break. Videos were also collected to welcome the cadets back and can be seen here: Videos

Every squadron received a Welcome Back Hot Chocolate Kit box for them to share. We hear there are more goodies coming their way and will keep you posted. Also, banners will be moving from the Indoor track to Mitchell Hall for cadets to further enjoy! 












 To download any of these banner photos, go to GALLERIES > PUBLIC GALLERY pg 1085 or click the link below.