Summer Seminar Part Deux

Hello Familes! 

Welcome to Summer Seminar Part Two!  If you have read any of last week's blog entries you will already have an idea of what's in store for your students.  If you didn't want a spoiler than here we go.  Today is arrival day.  Starting about 9:00am, approximately 300 students arrived to begin what we know will be an action and information filled week.  Like all in-processing days there were goodbyes, waiting in line, paperwork to complete, clothing issue, and new friends to meet.  Tomorrow is MILEX day.  Short for Military Exercise.  It will start early and end late and will provide a taste of what Air Force Academy freshman experience during their first year.  We will have lots of coverage, so be sure to check back for the photos at  All of today's photos have been uploaded, but normally you can expect to see photos each morning from the previous day.  So, you will see tomorrows action by Tuesday morning.

We hope you enjoy the coverage.  Here are some samples from today, but there are already over 1000 photos up in the Day 1 gallery at  Bye for now!