We attended a PEERs luncheon earlier this month.

What is PEERs you ask?

The PEER program’s mission is to provide a supportive environment for cadets and an opportunity for cadets to find help when faced with troubling issues. PEERs support their fellow cadets by providing education, outreach, someone to listen and someone who can refer the cadet to the appropriate helping agency for further support.

The way a PEER is selected for the position based on a recommendation by the Air Officer Commanding (AOC) because of his or her leadership ability, respect among cadets in the squadron, and ability to connect with others.

The Cadets who enter this program receive 16 hours of initial training and monthly continuing training.


The purpose of the training is to educate the PEERs concerning their roles and responsibilities, listening skills, problem solving and conflict resolution skills, suicide prevention, eating disorders, confidentiality and HIPAA issues, and other requested topics.

There are 2 Wing PEERs and 4 Group PEERs that serve as leadership. Below the Group PEERs are all the Squadron PEERs (approximately 120 Cadets).

From here the cadets can apply to become an MGO (Military Guidance Officer). MGO's work during the summer for BCT and there is usually 1 MGO to roughly 150 Basics. The MGO's training focuses on recognizing Basic Cadet needs and connecting them to the appropriate helping agencies.

While we were there they announced the PEER of the Month for each of the 4 Groups. Each of these Cadets were recognized by the whole group because of something they did in the last month. Whether it was helping a fellow Cadet or taking on a specific role in an activity, etc.

For Group 1 it was C3C Spencer Adolph, in Group 2 C1C Nick Carter, Group 3 was C2C Briana Chavez and in Group 4 C3C Kayla Grainger was recognized.

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