It's Friday!

Happy Friday All!

Another Field Day is in the books!  Congratulations to the High Flying Tigers (my son's BCT squadron back in 2004).  Champions of Field Day this year!  We are still processing all the photos, but there are enough already uploaded to get you started. 

I have a couple of 'take-aways" from this years event.  First, a new sport has been added.  Dodge Ball!


Now I know why the Basketball Throw is included in the Canditate Fitness Assessment for candidates applying to the Academy.  You never know when it might be necessary to play Dodge Ball during one's Air Force career.  Eight years as an ALO and three working in USAFA Admissions before I became WebGuy and I never knew.  All I can say is "Wow"!

The next take-away is that the Hellcats have an actual mascot.  Wait for it....  


Following Field Day, the Basics cleaned up and headed to Noon Meal Formation followed by the BCT 1 Awards Luncheon.  We were able to cover both.

Those photos are still being processed as I write this, so look for them all in the Field Day gallery later this evening or early tomorrow.  As usual we will have video from all these events up in our Summary Sunday blog.  I would tell you who won the various awards at the luncheon, but I don't have the info yet as I write this.  I will update you when I find out.

Speaking of updates.  For you families of upper class cadets looking for cadre photos, WebHatter asked me to let you know that those will be up for viewing this weekend as well as the most recent AM490 class jump photos.  

Also in other news, we got another care package today.  Lot of yummy and healthy stuff to eat, (even applesauce) but alas not a Skittle in sight.  :-(  It's not that I'm not very thankful for your generosity and appreciation, cause we all are, but can I just say SKITTLES!!!!  

Ok, now about tomorrow.  It's Pike's Peak Rodeo Day.  For those who live locally and are planning to attend, you still can't interact with your Basic, so please make it easier on them and don't try.  Remember, Integrity First!  The WebGuy team will be there to get those photos of them eating giant turkey legs and pizza however. 

That's it for this blog.  Keep checking the gallery over the next hours as the photos from today continue to go up.  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you what the next week will look like.  Happy Hunting!