Doolie Day In

Instead of the traditional Doolie Day Out this year due to the pandemic, the basics were treated to a Doolie Day In. Doolie Day In planning and coordination was lead by the Clubs and Sponsor Program section of the Cadet Wing Training Division. To ensure social distancing was adhereed to, the squadrons were split up just like out at Jacks Valley.  Each squadron had three hours to enjoy Doolie Day In events at Arnold Hall.

Location:  Arnold Hall / Events incuded:

Ballroom - Fill your own goodie bag

Patio - Corn Hole and ladder ball

Chic Fil a for lunch!!!

Theatre - 2 movie options:  Trolls and Bloodshot

McComas Lounge - Card making, coloring pages, phone charging station and dogs!




Since the basics were still in their Basic Squadron you can view all of the photos here, CLASSES > 2024 > BCT 1 > ALL

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Agressors, Barbarians, Cobras and Demons were all scheduled in the morning, photos start on pg 24:

Executioners, Flying Tigers, Guts and Hell Cats were scheduled in the afternoon, photos start on pg 1: