Drop Offs

Class of 2027 and their families felt a whirlwind of emotions today. From nervousness to excitement the rollercoaster was experienced today! 

This is the first of our official BCT coverage blogs. 

Appointees from 2027 were dropped at the HAC (Holaday Athletic Center) starting at 7:00 am MT. While at the HAC and Cadet Field House they went through many, many stations. We didn't cover those, we hear some of the WebTeam has a fear of needles, besides, we were asked not to go in there, which was a relief to them!

Next stop you'll see is the Oath of Office. But those are coming in another blog and posting. For now, it's the farewells and smiles of excitement to focus on!

We had two photographers out. If you sort Oldest to Newest in the Gallery Photographer 1 had pages 26-105 or click here, Photographer 2 had pages 105-139 or click here!