Tuesday Wisdom

Just a note: Demons and Flying Tigers were not covered today, as we said yesterday for the two that were not covered, they were waiting in lines and doing things we were not able to cover!


In today's C Store pictures you'll see a lot of rulers. They basics recieved their rules for their upcoming SAMIs (Saturday Morning Inspection). Thse rulers are sized to help your basic make the perfect bed!



You might also be wondering, "Why is my basic wearing a yellow belt?" In past it was blue this year it's yellow. This  means that they are restricted on certain physical activities for some reason or another. It does not mean that they are fully injured. It's more than likely a precaution, so please don't fret!



You'll find pictures already up from Barbarians and Hellcats in the Tailor Shop and the C Store to make up from yesterday! We'll have more this evening from this afternoon's coverage of the rest of the squadrons except the Demons and Flying Tigers.