A little bit about CBRNE

Today we are talking about CBRNE.  CBRNE (pronounced "SEE-burn") stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive materials.   During the CBRNE course, the Basics are walked through various situations and are taught how to deal with them. They also get exposed to tear-gas (which has also resulted in minorly gassed photographers as the wind shifted). The Basics put on their protective gear and gas masks, enter the container of gas, remove their masks, breathe in all the goodness, and then are released to go outside. Then they walk around in circles while flapping their arms and not touching their faces.  Just in case you are planning to write us and ask why flapping ones arms is a part of this training, I will save you the time and effort.  Brisk movement can help the recovery.   Flapping the arms and rubbing the hair in a breeze or standing in front of a large fan will disperse most of the particles from the clothing and hair.  Within five to ten minutes the symptoms produced by the agent should disappear.  So there you have it. 

Here are a few past photos to illustrate the course.  The last one is to illustrate that the effects of the training don't last long, but hopefully the lessons learned do.

Today we caught up with the following squads!

Aggressors at the CBRNE

Cobras at the Assault Course

Demons at the Confidence Course

Executioners at the Assault Course

Guts at the Obstacle Course

Hellcats at CATM

Pictures are still being edited as of 6:15pm MT for Guts and Hellcats but we’ll let you know on Facebook when they’re up!

Have a great night!