AFA Boxing vs Navy

On Friday evening the Academy faced up against Navy in 9 Bouts of Boxing, with Navy in the Red corner and AFA in the blue corner. Of these 9 Bouts Navy won 5 and AFA won 4.

Bout Red Corner (Navy) Weight Blue Corner (Air Force)
1 Jake Clary 120 R.J Leon
2 Sophie Lekas 119 Laura Drapinski
3 Lisa Kilmer 132 Abigail Aldecoa
4 Toshie Oue 145 Ife Onigbanjo
5 Kendall Louis 156 Levi Rate
6 Jeanette Steerman
156 Ketanny Alves
7 Alex Olajide 170 Cenada Clifton Smith
8 Charlie Akerblom 175 Levi Knox
9 Jay Packer 185 Nicholas Pingel

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