Private support makes a difference in cadets’ lives

The Air Force Academy Foundation is dedicated to elevating the cadet experience, from funding cadet clubs and squadron improvements to supporting once-in-a-lifetime experiences and ensuring beloved Academy traditions continue.

Make a gift as part of 1Day1USAFA - a single day of giving that unites our entire, supportive community – and elevate your cadet’s experience.

Where do your donations go? Your support of the Air Force Academy Fund, Squadron Improvement Fund or Dean’s Fund elevate cadet experiences, supplement military and warfighter training and strengthen ties with graduates. A few examples of these funds in action include:

  • $250 - gift a Squadron Assembly Room item (ex. Barbeque, TV, etc.)
  • $500 – fund a squadron’s improvement items for the year or help continue the tradition of the Cadet Exemplar Program
  • $1,000 – cover a portion of associated costs for one cadet to participate in a curriculum development-related conference, seminar or workshop or cover 50 one-on-one cadet consultations, two (2) workshops, or two (2) group sessions in the Academic Success Center
  • $2,500 – support department receptions held during Graduation Week and departmental award ceremonies
  • $3,000 – cover all associated costs for PEER program BACCHUS/NASPA certification test manuals and codes or fund all associated costs for five (5) cadets to participate in the Wing Sponsor Program
  • $6,000 – fund an eight-week internship in Washington, D.C. for one cadet through the Dean’s Summer Research Program

It’s a good question: Why does the U.S. Air Force Academy need donations when it already gets federal funding? The federal government and the U.S. Air Force will continue to provide adequate funding for the Academy’s core programs. But government funding for baseline programming is not enough to ensure the best possible experience – excellence in all we do – for cadets. That’s where private support creates immediate and lasting impact.

At the Air Force Academy, donors giving through our Foundation are elevating programs, facilities and experiences from good enough to truly excellent. They know the Academy must be excellent. The stakes demand that USAFA be excellent – that the newly minted second lieutenants who throw their hats in the air every spring at Falcon Stadium enter the Air Force and Space prepared to lead with character, defend our nation and, if called upon, fight and win our nation’s wars.

Join us in supporting – and ensuring – excellence at the United States Air Force Academy.