Cadets at Home Weekly Update

Thanks once again for all of you that sent in photos to share for this week’s blog. 

Cadet c4c Elizabeth Lamey.  Taking a study break to have some puppy therapy.  This is Sheeba her grandparents' new puppers.  

This is C3C from CS-40 (now C2C in CS-21) John Kropp (DnB Drum Major and trumpet player - see Taps for 9/11) enjoying some waterskiing at Lake Anna in Virginia before heading back for Basic. 


Here's a photo of Jonathan Soferr (2022) taking some time out from classes to repair the front porch.

This is Ryly with her pup Lucy! Lucy has enjoyed the extra time she gets to spend with Ryly now since she’s been home a while.

Here is C2C TJ Morgan in Oregon using his weekends to expand his resume to include Lumberjack. (Notice USAFA issued T-shirt.)


Class 2023, Ignacio McGoff Medero, CS-15. Done with finals!!! No further explanation required 😂🥰💪🚀

Here’s a couple of pics of C4C (soon to be C3C 😊), Ethan Jackman, who plays football for the Academy!

Tutoring a friend’s High School student.                                                              Practicing his guitar.       


LOOK COACH! Lifting weights and staying strong for football!                             Chilling in the sun and doing homework.


Last but not least, he’s well prepared to go out in public with his dad. 😂

C1C Lance White – opted to stay in Colorado Springs with his sponsor family when the COVID-19 evacuations began months back so that he could be close-by in case the Academy needed him back.


C1C Meghan Sanford.

C1C Matthew Knoedler.

C1C Max Griffith....and dog.....and mom!


Cadet Jackson D Stratton showing the red ear he caught at KY Lake, Memorial Day weekend 2020.

Cadet Stratton and Esther.

 This is rising C3C, Beckett Andersen, at home in Morro Bay, California, upgrading his skills to a 29-inch unicycle.



Many cadets will be returning in June to start summer programs. We hope to start capturing them once we get the OK.  While we wait for their return, we will continue our weekly Cadets from Home Blog. If you have photos that you would like to share, please send them to Thank You.