Women's Forum

We attended another Women's Forum yesterday. What is the Women's Forum? We've covered them in the past but haven't really gotten to give you some background information. Here is some back story on the Women's Forum; why it was created, for whom it was created, and what they accomplish with this Forum.

Since the first class of females was admitted to USAFA in 1976, there has been attention on the value of diversity, and recognition of unique factors which come with gender diversity. In 2006, the concept of Women's Forums was created. These forums offered an open and safe environment to discuss the unique challenges female Cadets were facing and providing an opportunity to enhance the empowerment of women in the military. It was also a way to be able to introduce these Cadets to women who were/are in leadership roles within the military. In 2015, they have grown from discussing women’s issues to a more inclusive discussion of gender issues and have also created a Men’s Forum. Men have gender issues too; therefore, also need an environment to discuss challenges related to gender in the military. 

The main reason they are discussing gender issues is that understanding gender and the impact it has on an individual, and the mission, is imperative for leaders to comprehend. Therefore, these forums are an important aspect of your Cadets leadership development. 

The first two years of Gender Forums focus on gender expectations and the impact it has on each of the Cadets as a military member.  Then during the Cadets upper class years, Gender Forums will bring both men and women together to discuss life and leadership topics that impact all genders.   

The main objective they had yesterday - as well as the last time we attended the Women's Forum - was to discuss socially constructed gender expectations and how this impacts them as individuals. This time it was Female Cadets from the class of 2018 that were in attendance.

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Women's Forum