Jacks Day 3

Admin note: We were unable to capture the Hellcats today. Also, Remember that all the pictures are coded to squadrons under BCT 2. For ease in finding today's pictures sort newest to oldest. Basics look very similar out here in Jacks, the hats, the ABUs, the dirt, the mud. Look again you might find them! 

We've gotten a few questions on a few of the courses you'll see blue or black in basics mouths. Those are their mouthguards that they recieved at the Dental Clinic to protect their teeth and mouth on the courses. 

Aggressors on the Assault Course

Barbarians on the Confidence Course

Cobras on the Assault Course

Demons at the LRC

Executioners on the Obstacle Course

Flying Tigers at CATM

Guts at CBRNE

To find todays photos, go to Classes > 2023 > BCT2 > then choose the squadron.