Friday Night Fights

This past Friday the Academy had it's first Friday Night Fight of the Academic year, each month Cadets on the Men's and Women's Boxing Teams will match up against each other.

There were a total of 7 Bouts between the Red and Blue Team.

Bout 1: In the Red Corner Laura Drapinski and in the Blue Corner Lois Taylor.

The Winner of Bout 1: Red Corner Laura Drapinski

Bout 2: In the Red Corner Ife Onigbanjo and in the Blue Corner Osama Farqaleet.

The Winner of Bout 2: Blue Corner Osama Fargaleet

Bout 3: In the Red Corner Nick Pingel and in the Blue Corner Den Tati-Mackaya.

The Winner of Bout 3: Blue Corner Den Tati-Mackaya

Bout 4: In the Red Corner Tessa Barbosa and in the Blue Corner Alicia Alexander.

The Winner of Bout 4: Red Corner Tessa Barbosa

Bout 5: In the Red Corner Levi Rate and in the Blue Corner Jeromy Jorgenson.

The Winner of Bout 5: Red Corner Levi Rate

Bout 6: In the Red Corner Josh Turner and in the Blue Corner Dillon Willis.

The Winner of Bout 6: Blue Corner Dillion Willis

Bout 6: In the Red Corner Victoria Rodriquez and in the Blue Corner Monica Mammah.

The Winner of Bout 7: Blue Corner Monica Mammah

Bout # Red Corner Sq. Weight Blue Corner Sq.
1 Laura Drapinski 37 119 Lois Taylor 32
2 Ife Onigbanjo 32 144 Osama Farqaleet 5
3 Nick Pingel 8 197 Den Tati-Mackaya 3
4 Tessa Barbosa 13 125 Alicia Alexander 28
5 Levi Rate 40 156 Jeromy Jergenson 12
6 Josh Turner 16 153 Dillion Willis 19
7 Victoria Rodriguez 6 160 Monica Mammah 27


Great job to both teams!

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Friday Night Fights