An Evening with the Commandant: A Leadership Dinner

This evening, the Commandant of Cadets Brig Gen Goodwin, invited the Summer and Fall Semester Cadet Leadership to her house for An Evening with the Commandant: A Leadership Dinner.

These dinners go hand-in-hand with Social Decorum Training here at the Academy.

Each year, the cadets participate in some form of Social Decorum. Whether it be in the form of lectures in Fairchild Hall, a formal dinner at the Falcon Club; or attending a business casual dinner hosted by the Commandant of Cadets, Brig Gen Goodwin and her family.

These dinners give the Commandant an opportunity to meet with USAFA Staff and Cadet Squadrons, and for all of these entities to interact with each other.

This year, outside of the dinner this evening and one in the Spring semester for the Spring Cadet Leadership, the Commandant will invite 5 Squadrons at a time and we'll share with you each dinner who was invited that evening.

Tonight Brig Gen Goodwin invited the Summer and Fall Semester Cadet Leadership and Staff.

For cadets, this gives them the chance to use the skills they've been working on in Social Decorum over the years. Not to mention, getting experience in knowing what it will feel like to have dinner at their bosses house.

When guests first arrive, they have a quick meet and greet with the Commandant and her family as well as several members of the Permanent Party and their spouses. 


After the greetings, the guests are able to enjoy finger food appetizers, as they mingle and talk amongst themselves.

Once everyone has arrived, Brig Gen Goodwin begins the night by thanking her staff for making these dinners possible. She also shares some announcements, group introductions, and thanks all of her quests for their attendance.


Tonight, during this portion of the evening. Brig Gen Goodwin brought up one of the Cadets in attendance to wish him a happy birthday.

After this portion of the evening, when it is time for dinner the cadets are instructed to eat dinner and converse with people who they are not already acquainted with.  The USAFA Staff in attendance will also disperse themselves to answer questions and serve as mentors for the cadets during the dinner.

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An Evening with the Commandant: A Leadership Dinner