March Out to Jacks Valley #1

The Aggressors, Barbarians, Cobras and Demons started at the Terrazzo this morning and marched out to Jacks Valley. The weather was nice with some overcast clouds and a cool breeze, a great day for a morning hike. 


Since there really isn’t a split like there usually is between BCT-1 and BCT-2, we will be loading all pictures that take place in Jacks Valley into BCT-2 and everything that happens up on campus into BCT-1. So this week look for A,B,C,D squads in BCT-2 and E,F,G,H squads in BCT-1.



Today is just the first day out in Jacks, there is a lot more to come so get ready to see your Basics really having a lot of fun out in the Field.  

The second group of squads will head out to Jacks next Monday 20 July and we will cover all of their events as well.  

To find these photos go to CLASSES > 2024 > BCT 2 > ALL or click below.

March Out # 1