In-Processing Day 2022 - Part 3

WebGuy coverage of I-Day continues. Within this blog, there will be photos of Haircuts and Uniform Issue.

After walking up the Core Values Ramp, basics get their haircuts. There are several personal grooming and appearance guidelines that the basics must adhere to. According to Forever Wingman, in the Air Force, hair must be well-groomed, clean, neat, and natural, or dyed in only natural colors. 

After getting their haircuts, basics then pick up their new uniforms. According to the USAFA website, once the basics become cadets, they will wear a large variety of military uniforms. Primarily, cadets wear Airman Battle Uniforms (ABUs) and some form of blues. Service dress is commonly worn for more formal events, and mess dress is worn for the most formal events. Cadets also wear physical conditioning (PC) gear for physical education classes and tests. Parade dress and flight suits are also worn.



Go to CLASSES > 2026 > In-Processing. Set your sort order from OLDEST to NEWEST.

Haircuts are divided into two parts because haircuts took place in two different locations. If you see your son or daughter in one location, they will not necessarily be in the other location. 

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Uniform Issue Photos begin on page 587

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