Countdown to BCT 2017

WebGuy Here!

It is hard to believe that In-Processing Day for another USAFA class is almost here.  Welcome to WebGuy!  I have  been travelling around the country during the past few weeks speaking at appointee send-off events.  Some of you may have attended one sponsored by your local USAFA Parents Club already or will do so in the next couple of weeks.  If you haven't received an invitation, check out our Parents Portal for links to all the parent clubs.  It is always such a pleasure to meet the new USAFA families as well as the current and alumni parents from all around the country. 

This is such a time of anticipation and also transition for new USAFA families, particularly those who have no prior military background.  There are so many questions and also anxiety about the unknown.   I find myself saying over and over, "You will learn everything you need to know as you go along".   Actually that is one of the reasons that the WebGuy program exists.   That being said, there is also a document that USAFA Admissions produces every year that I would like to strongly encourage every parent to read.  It is aptly titled "Instructions to Appointees".  This 35 page document will answer 99% of the questions you are asking in preparation for BCT.  Did you know there is required reading for appointees in preparation for BCT?  You would be surprised how many folks either don't know about this document or don't read it.   Your appointee can download a copy right from their admissions portal.  

While I think it is important information for parents to have, I offer a word of advice.  This is your appointee's check list and information, not yours to do for them.  Use it in that spirit.  You might ask them if they have read it, but remember it is ultimately their responsibility and their consequence if they haven't. 

So that's it for this first blog.  Lots more to come, so check back for more in the run-up to I-Day!!