Summary Sunday

Hey WebFamilies! This is the last Summary Sunday Blog for BCT!

What a summer it's been, from I-Day, to Field Day, Doolie Day Out, the March Out, Jacks Courses and so much more!

This past week your Basics had their final days in Jacks Valley, with Big Bad Basic on Tuesday. Basic Cadets Kirlee Rix from Flying Tigers and Josiah Klingenberg from Cobras were the winners of the event. Below are some quick clips to show you what it was like!

On Wednesday the Basics and their Cadre Marched Out of Jacks Valley. Once they got back to the Cadet area the Basics began to settle back into their dorms and then the BCT Capstones and Heritage Tours led by their Cadre began. We showed you earlier this week some of the locations during the Heritage Tours, below we were able to get some quick clips of what they were doing during their BCT Capstones.

The BCT 2 Awards was on Friday, where like in BCT 1 Cadre and Basics were recognized for their accomplishments during BCT 2. Before the Commandant's Luncheon and the Awards Ceremony however, they participated in their last Noon Meal Formation as Basics. The Cadet Wing will participate in Noon Meal Formations throughout the year, we will try to catch glimpses of some of those as well during the Academic year.

Yesterday was the Basics official Acceptance Day Parade Practice, we were able to get a clip of them as they practiced the Airman's Creed. Tomorrow the Upperclassmen will have their own practice of the parade and on Tuesday, we will be seeing a lot of you for Acceptance Day! We are so proud of how far your Basics have come and cannot wait to continue to catch glimpses of them throughout the Academic year and in the future as they grow.