Summary Sunday

This week was a busy one for the Basics, Monday and Tuesday was all about Intramurals in the morning and prepping for the Flight Drill Eval that took place on Wednesday. We were able to catch many sports and many smiles! During the Academic year, you will see coverage of Intramurals throughout the Fall and Spring Semester! Each quarter the Cadets are able to play a different set of sports and at the end of the quarter they all have tournaments and a Championship game day.



Wednesday was our coverage of the Basics in their Flight Drill Evaluation day, were they were tested on all of the things they have learned since I-Day. Whether it be standing in formation, at attention, or their memorization.



While the weather was bad up on the Terrazzo during the Flight Drill Evals, the Cadre and their Basics went down into the Quads for a friendly sprint race.

Thursday was the Basics first and only AFT during BCT and unlike the PFT which has 5 events the AFT is just the 1.5 mile run.

On your mark, get set, Go!


When they finished their 1.5 mile run, they had to report their time to the Cadre. For both the men and the women there is a mean (minimum) and a max time that they have to try to accomplish.

Event Men Women
  Mean Max Mean Max
  11:15 7:45 13:31 8:55


Friday was the last PFT, where like last week the Basics were tested on 5 events. The Pull-Ups, Long Jump, Crunches, Push-Ups and the 600-Yard run. Since we had the AFT run coverage the day before we focused more on the other 4 events.



While the PFT was going on and into the afternoon, the majority of the Basics were also getting their haircuts. Most of the women won't have to unless they have short hair and need to trim it so it is above the collar but all of the men had to have their heads shaved again like on I-Day just 3 weeks ago. Even though I have witnessed my fair share of these haircuts, it still amazes me to see how much hair actually grows in such a short amount of time.



During the Airmanship Demo on Friday afternoon, the Basics were introduced to the Gliders, Wings of Blue, and they had the opportunity to talk one on one with a crew of pilots who flew in on a Pave Hawk helicopter for the Demo. During the course of the Academic year as well as during the summer periods, we have many opportunities to catch Cadets as they learn to fly the Gliders, Jump during the 490 Program as well as learning to fly in Powered Flight.

If you haven't already - to get an idea of some of the activities your Basics (soon to be 4th Class Cadets) will be able to participate in, definitely check out some of our upperclassmen blogs from this summer!

We've been noticing a trend, something about the weather makes Basics do crazy things. While waiting for the Airmanship Demo one of our photographers got a quick clip of a group of Basics reciting the theme song to Gilligan's Island. Were they instructed to do this or did they do this on their own? We will never know.

It's a bird, it's a plane... it is a plane!





Saturday was Doolie Day Out for the Basics. Where they got to spend some time with their Sponsor families, relax a little bit, call home and (hopefully) get some homecooked meals.



Today is the March Out to Jacks Valley for the Basics, where they will spend the next week and a half going through different courses that will test them mentally and physically. Being out in Jacks Valley will not only boost their morale as the days pass but it will make their bonds with each other that much stronger as they get through each course as a team.

With that said, no pictures will be posted today of the March Out. So expect to see those tomorrow morning. With that, hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! Check back tomorrow for our coverage from today and what to expect while your Basics are in Jacks Valley!