Graduation Parade

We were out at the graduation parade and on the ramp to capture the joyful moments of 2019. Many thanks to the friends and famlies of the class that braved the cold weather to be there for the class!

This morning started off with the Graduation Parade which was the last parade for the Class of 2019. This parade is special as the Class of 2019 enters the parade field with the entire Cadet Wing then depart the lower three classes as a symbolic Change of Command ceremony, recognizing the Class of 2020 as the new Firsties and the class of 2019 as Officers in the USAF. The formation used by the Class of 2019, to leave the Cadet Wing, is the opposite of the formation they used to become apart of the Cadet Wing during their Acceptance Day Parade 4 Years Ago. 

To view the rest of the photos of the parade go to Classes > 2019 > Graduation Week.

2019 Graduation Parade