Summary Sunday Blog

Since last Sunday your Basics have experienced multiple things, the beginning of their week started with exams and briefings, getting them ready for their Academic year courses whether in Math and Science or Language. Then on Wednesday they finally began making visits to different parts of the Cadet area. Whether it was buying more items they might have needed at the C-Store or getting measured for their blues trousers which they will wear for Graduation 4 years from now and even having a check-up at the Academy's Dentist office. In the next two weeks you will see us visit these places often as well as the Southasia Memorial Tour given at Doolittle Hall.

While waiting in the hallways whether at the Dentist office, the C-Store, the Tailor shop or anywhere else. The Basics are tested with knowledge questions as well as questions about the current Cadet Cadre, as seen in the video below. Much of Basic Cadet Training outside of practicing their formation and marching skills is memorization and their Cadre will continue to push them to new heights every day as they take in more information and learn more things about their Air Force history and themselves.

The Southasia Memorial Tour is something new this year and many past Grads have volunteered to assist in teaching the Class of 2020 about the history of their Air Force and the Academy. We were able to get some videos to highlights their experiences. So far Demons and Flying Tigers have taken this tour and today three more Squadrons are going through, so be sure to check back tomorrow when we've uploaded pictures from today's Memorial Tour coverage.

Finally we've got a little taste of Intramurals for you, these mornings give Basics a bit of a break to relax and have some fun before going back to training mode. We were able to catch a quick glimpse of some of the games happening. Over the course of the next two weeks we will have multiple chances to get coverage of Intramrurals whether it is Squadron playing against Squadron or seeing what the incoming IC Basics are up to with their teams.

Throughout the next week your Basics will be continuing to make trips to the Tailors, C-store, Dentist and the Southasia Memorial Tour, They will also get their first taste of the PFT this week as well as Field Day where the Squadrons will compete against each other in multiple events.

We hope you all are having a great weekend, see you tomorrow as we continue to get coverage of your Basics in their second week of BCT!