Powered Flight 2nd Group Spring 2022

Spring time in Colorado always brings unpredictable weather and it creates havoc on the flying schedule.  But thankfully the bad weather held off until after WebGuy was able to capture both M and T Day at Davis Airfield.

Cadets are normally enrolled in AM-420 during their second or first-class year. Cadets who complete AM-420 are eligible to wear Cadet Flight Wings. The class is intended to motivate cadets to commit to serving as a rated officer.



The 557th Flying Training Squadron provides exposure to an operational Air Force flying squadron through the Powered Flight Program and gives the opportunity to possibly solo a light, general aviation aircraft.



Powered Flight is a capstone course that serves as a culmination of a cadet’s aviation education. Lessons in Air Force heritage and principles of engineering are applied in real-life scenarios during nine flights in a single engine propeller driven aircraft. The training includes ground and flight instruction using T-53s (Cirrus SR20), military instructors provide a basic introduction to Air Force pilot training and the experience of powered flight. The training includes ground and flight instruction under an Air Education and Training Command (AETC) flying syllabus.



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Spring 2022 2nd Session Powered Flight T Day pgs. 168 (middle of page, 4th row down ) - 181   T Day

Spring 2022 2nd Session Powered Flight M Day pgs. 181 (bottom of page, last row ) - 195   M Day