Jacks Valley March Back Part 2

This morning the 2nd group of squadrons started off in Jacks Valley and returned to the cadet area to continue their BCT.



Once the Jacks Valley group returned to the Terrazzo, General Edmondson had all 8 Basic Squadrons line up and congratulated them all for their work in Jacks Valley.

The march back concludes the second groups session in Jacks Valley.  For those family and friends that did not get to see their basics out in Jacks Valley in the first 2 sessions, we plan on being back out there next week to capture the Jacks Valley make up group.

To view the Jacks Valley March Back Part 2 go to, Classes > 2024 > BCT2 > ALL or click here 

Everything left now until the end of BCT will be found back in the BCT1 folder because the rest of BCT will be held in the Cadet Area, except for the Jacks Valley make ups sessions which will go up the BCT2 folder.