Freezing Friday

With the rain last night and this morning Jacks was a warm 55 degrees when we entered this morning. This blogger/photographer was a little chilly. It sure didn't bother the basics! 

They were all over out and about. We missed the Guts today due to scheduling and at this blog posting Cobras are still being edited!

Aggressors hit the range at CATM. Barbarians were "gassed." Cobras overcame obstacles. Demons reattacked the Assault course. Executioners built confidence on a wet course. Flying Tigers also attacked the Assault Course. Hellcats overcame obstacles as well!

Here's a few snapshots from today. Can you believe their time in Jacks is almost done? It means Acceptance Day is fastly approaching!

Once again thank you for all the treats that are rolling in! Have a great night!