And They're Off!

The Appointees have all arrived. The last bus has been boarded. The letters have been written. The last family has left the picnic at Doolittle. This blog is going to be brief because as I write this many of the photos are still in edit.  By now the Basics should be in their new uniforms and have joined their new BCT squadrons.  They are now officially basic cadets. 

Doolittle Hall is now quiet again. The only people left in the building now are the WebGuy folks, editing away! Take a glance at the 2023 Inprocessing Gallery for the start of our uploaded pictures. Oldest to newest to avoid confusion while the upload continues.  I just checked status with the photo editors and the plan is still to have all the photos from today uploaded by tonight.  Of course for you folks on the east coast, that means late. 

Today was full of activities.  Right now your Basics have probably experienced their first BCT dinner meal and tonight they will meet their cadre, start to go over the knowledge they must memorize inclluding rank and quotations as well as their Squadron Flight and Squadron Commander Cadre's names and making up their rooms. 

You will be amazed when you see them march onto Stillman Parade Field tomorrow morning.  They will already have begun practicing their marching tonight on the Terrazzo.  

Here is a word about tomorrow's public swearing in ceremony.  It is scheduled for 8:30am.  I would plan to be early.  Not Zero Dark Thirty early, but I would certainly plan to be in your seats by 8:00am at the latest.  The north gate will open at 6:30am to visitors.  There will be plenty of seating this year, so don't stress.  You will have a bit of walking from the field house up to the parade field, and no busses, so allow for the walk and also the altitude.  The basic squadrons will be lined up in alphabetical order A-H  (from left to right) in front of the bleachers, so plan you seating accordingly.  The ceremony is NOT live streamed. 

For you folks who weren't able to be here in person, tomorrow's photos will be up much earlier in the day. 

It was great to meet so many of you both at the Field House this morning and later at Doolittle Hall today.  I'll be back with a longer blog tomorrow with a re-cap of todays activity and more info about what's in store in the coming weeks.

See you tomorrow as the adventure continues!