News On 2022 Inprocessing

The Commandant of Cadets, Brig. Gen. Kristin Goodwin has released information regarding 2022's upcoming I-Day plans.


Inprocessing Moved for the Class of 2022

Fellow Graduates~

As we strive to improve In-Processing Day (I-Day) every year for both the new class of cadets and their families, we have decided to move the I-Day starting point from Doolittle Hall to the Cadet Field House. This change will allow for a safer parking experience, more efficient in-processing of over 1,100 basic cadets, and an exceptional Family Program for a growing population of more than 1,500 family members. For those who might be concerned about the potential loss of heritage and tradition that was a part of I-Day at Doolittle Hall, let me reassure you that this change may ultimately provide a better heritage experience for incoming cadets . . . and their families!

Basic Cadets will still get to experience the Heritage Trail and the Challenge Bridge found outside Doolittle Hall, only now these visits will take place at the end of BCT, when we accept the cadets into the wing during Acceptance Day.

The cadets will also have more time to listen, internalize the concepts and fully grasp the meaning of "The Long Blue Line." We are also memorializing the walk over the bridge by taking a picture of them walking over the bridge and presenting it to the new 4th class cadets along with the class of 1959's challenge. It will be a great compliment to their cadet journey at the academy to showcase the day they were accepted into the wing alongside the picture of them graduating from the wing.

Also, for the first time ever, our newest families can experience the Heritage Trail and learn more about the rich history of the Air Force Academy and its Long Blue Line. In cooperation with the AOG, we are expanding the current Family Program and including Doolittle Hall as the second stop for all family members on I-Day. After dropping off their basic cadet at the Field House, families will be encouraged to head over to Doolittle Hall where they can meet with grads firsthand to hear the same heritage lessons that their cadets will receive during BCT. Families will also have the opportunity to meet the AOG for the first time and learn about all of the important programs and benefits that they have to offer.

Ultimately, the dual mission of I-Day is to create a smooth and efficient entry into BCT for the new class of cadets, while showcasing USAFA to their families and friends. We are confident that shifting the I-Day starting point from Doolittle Hall to the Cadet Field House will help us greatly improve I-Day for both cadets and families alike, while simultaneously preserving the heritage and tradition of this outstanding institution. If your schedules permit, please consider volunteering to work at the Heritage Trail either on I-Day or during BCT, as we work together with the AOG to welcome the Class of 2022 and their families into the Air Force and Academy family.

Thank you for your continued support!

Commandant of Cadets, USAFA