Final BCT Summary Sunday

Hey 2021 WebFamilies! This is the last Summary Sunday Blog for BCT and what a summer it's been!

Your Basics have grown so much from I-Day, with so many experiences under their belt now. We, like yourselves couldn't be more proud to see all that they have accomplished so far!

This past week your Basics had their final days in Jacks Valley, the last few Squadrons made their way through the Assault course and others on Sunday and Monday. Below is a short clip of some of the Squadrons going through their Pugil Fight in preparation for Big Bad Basic, and the final portion of the Assault Course.

Finally, it was time for Big Bad Basic on Tuesday, Basic Cadets Eva Swearengin from Guts, Delta and Leonard Bowen from Cobras, Alpha came out victorious as the winners of this years Big Bad Basic Pugil Stick Competition. Below is a glimpse of what it looked like for us during the competition.

On Wednesday the Basics and their Cadre Marched Out of Jacks Valley. Before leaving Jacks Valley, they heard some closing remarks from their Commandant, Gen Kristin Goodwin.

The BCT 2 Awards was on Friday, where like in BCT 1, the Cadre were recognized for their accomplishments during BCT 2. Before the Commandant's Luncheon and the Awards Ceremony however, they participated in their first of many Parade practices. The Cadet Wing will participate in Noon Meal Formations and Parades throughout the year, we will continue to catch glimpses of these as well during the Academic year. Below you can see a glimpse into their parade practice and the Awards Ceremony.

Tomorrow with the rest of the Cadet Wing now back at the Academy, the Upperclassmen and the Basics will practice together before Acceptance Day on Tuesday. We will be seeing a lot of you for Acceptance Day, and for those who can't make it - never fear we will be taking lots of pictures!

Our coverage of your Cadets is far from over, while over the course of the Summer we were providing coverage just about every day the Academic year is slightly different day to day wise but our coverage range includes many different events.

Those of you who were glued to your computer screens during BCT this summer most likely saw random blogs about upperclassmen programs. That is far from over! During the Academic year we will continue to stop by down at the Airfield for glimpses of Jump, Soaring and Powered Flight as well as RPA up on the hill. Keep in mind, with the Academic Year now upon us you will most likely see less coverage of specific classes and more generalized coverage.

Under Galleries you will notice - Academics, Military Training, Airmanship, Extracurricular and Summer Programs.

Under Academics you will find pictures of their Major and Career Nights here at USAFA and even the Rat Olympics Trial Run that we get to stop by during each semester for those Behavorial Science students.

Under Military Training you will see pre-made Galleries such as; Recognition, BCT Cadre (for those Cadre pictures from this past summer). PFT/AFT - just like during BCT we will be catching glimses of the Academic Year PFT and AFT, though with it being during the school year it is spread out over several days and the Cadets will show up for both when their schedule allows. Throughout the school year Cadets will participate it different types of Character and Leadership Development workshops, forums, etc and as we cover those we will go into more detail about each event.

The Extracurricular Gallery is where you will find most of our year round coverage. We will have the opportunity to get coverage of many different types of Cadet Clubs, from Women's Lacrosse to the Air Force Racing Team. Our coverage of Parents Weekend falls under Extracurricular so in a few weeks that's where the pictures we take will end up. We also love the Parent Club State Nights, so if you plan on having one here at USAFA please let us know!

Finally, under Summer Programs you will find ESET which your Basics will participate in next summer as well as other upperclassmen programs. And Summer Seminar, a 2 session program that the Academy's Admissions runs each summer prior to the start of BCT where high school students have the chance to spend a week here at the Academy to get a feel for what it would be like for them.

There are so many other things that we cover during the year, so make sure to keep checking in with us every couple of days. We will be getting year round coverage both at the Academy and the Prep School so we hope you enjoy this years coverage as we continue to capture moments!

We are so proud of how far your Basics (almost Cadets) have come and cannot wait to continue to catch glimpses of the class of 2021 throughout the next four years as they grow into our future Air Force Officers!

We will be back on Tuesday with our coverage from the Acceptance Day Parade, we hope you have a fantastic rest of your weekend and congratulations once again!